cake smoothie?!

K, I accidentally invented a healthy smoothie that tastes just like birthday cake!! (not a joke! even my very adverse to fruit and vegetable 4 yo girl will drink it!) . It's fast and a whole meal!!

Cake Smoothie- layer in this order

1/4 cup liquid (milk of choice or water)
1/2 cup greens (I tend to use frozen kale bc it's easy, but pick whatever!)
1 cup mango
1 T flax (optional)
1/2 avocado (optional but highly recommended!)
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder* ( I use vega complete plus greens, but quite honestly rarely use protein powder-I don't think it's necessary, but was curious)
 Fill cup rest of way ( a cupish more with water or milk choice _I use water here and a non dairy milk for the 1/4 cup) with water and blend.

*or some fresh or frozen banana and a vanilla (ha, I almost said a shot of vanilla, but then remembered that actually (technically unless you're in college) means 1 ounce )


Hey btw! I did the 7 minute workout today! Kids held it together for 7 minutes watching me (unlike my last try with a 30 minute). I had my doubts, (still do) but I do feel it. Still have my doubts about that not being enough cardio. Attempted a dance workout after, all that did was prove I'm barely coordinated at this time to safely get through each day. ha.

I'm also still working on making nearly 100% organic food affordable. I have a tighter budget and less to work with. I don't have all the answers yet! (and I'm getting rather tired of beans! ) but soup and a plan are my starters!!


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