Something else to think about!! Avoiding the flu!

After learning Jake is allergic to eggs and speaking with his allergist, the doctor decided that the risk of him getting the flu shot (which is created using eggs) is greater than not. Yikees! Enter mom who runs screaming whenever we are near someone who coughs, as she douses her children and self in hand sanitizer! Just another thing to think about at Gymboree or in the grocery store! But, the best prevention is hand washing. Is there enough soap and water?!


  1. Just a thought, my son is also allergic to eggs, but the allergist said there's a new skin test that tests just for the ingredients in the flu shot. So we tested my son and he had no reaction and was able to get the flu shot. And since it was his first time, he had to get the booster 4 weeks later. And I'm happy to report he had no reaction to either. Just something to think about.

  2. Great idea! I would think more doctors would know about that and use it! I'll ask!


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