Smoothie Rumors

I heard a rumor that you can use frozen mango instead of banana in smoothies to make them, um, smooth. And my bananas are not frozen yet I wanted a frozenish smoothie. You can. but not unless you actually want some fruity flavor. While I won't waste food and I AM drinking my chocolate mint MANGO smoothie, and it is smooth.... it's not awesome! lesson learned.

Oh, and apparently, after a non eventful yet i'm certain expensive, trip to the allergist (but we did skip last year shhh), we learned that mr child #1 is MORE allergic to milk and beef. They weren't sure one could become MORE allergic to milk than he already was/is, but alas, it happens. First reaction is was disappointment. Not because we have any desire to go back to our former (not mostly vegan) lifestyle, but for his safety. I will need to be sedated when he is old enough to leave the house (with his epi pens!!) on his own! Current feeling is, well nothing different? what's the big deal?! And, we now must consider whether, or not, to have Mr. child#3 and little miss #4 tested due to some clues that they may be showing signs of allergies. However, we arent' taking it lightly, because there are many false positives when siblings of a diagnosed child are tested. (and honestly giving up peanut butter would knock out a major food group for us ;)


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