Celebrate Good Times!!

So. four kids 6-6 months is busy! but we like to celebrate everything!

Thanksgiving we had traditional food with lentil loaf instead of meat. Yum!! Nothing unusual there. Take a meatloaf recipe, trade in cans of beans and lentils. Voila! The worst part was a majorly sprained ankle, but my husband was forced to help cook which I enjoyed. ;)

Christmas was not easy with our dietary restrictions and visiting others, but we made it work. We started the weekend before travelling to family. Started right out with a birthday party for nut allergic children. they planned pizza. When asked how they could make that easier for us (ya know, severe dairy, beef allergy-pizza?) we stated we'd be ok with peanut butter and jelly. the reply "What you can't do that, they have peanut allergies!" Our reply, "yeah, we'll take care of ourselves!" we bolted when the pizza came, and went to a fabulous vegan restaurant in Rochester, NY. We don't get to go out ever, so we went nuts. It was fabulous! I was amazed at what my children were willing to try and ate! When we left, my son said he ate so much he couldn't even buckle his seatbelt. hahaha.. the kid who mostly eats apples! ohoh Christmas eve, made tofu ricotta stuffed shells... put them on the table. Let's just say that two pans got eaten and no one asked a question. hmmm.... shhhh....

Soooo.... We got through, with a slightly less tradition Christmas dinner of baked potatoes and roasted vegetables. But truly enjoyed the family, although not the 6 weeks of illnesses after. Thank you New York!!

And on to the Superbowl!! Here's a recipe for you!! Might I add, that my husband raved. Mr, picky about his formerly loved junky bar foods!! He actually remarked he might just eat it with a spoon (ok he did).

Jalapeno popper Dip

3 tubs of non dairy cream cheese (used Tofutti in the yellow tub)
1 cup dairy free cheddar (we use dayia)
1 cup dairy free mozzarella (we used dayia)
1 cupish dairy free mayo
4 (or to taste) jalapenos chopped (seeds removed unless you like spice)

Mix it, bake it at 350 until brown on top. So easy so delicious! I liked it with celery, my husband liked it with a spoon. But! It is mostly yummy hot, not so yummy cold!!

P.S. We got through a trip with ZERO allergy issues!! yahoo!! But my 2year old hates peanut butter. Only an allergy mom knows the fear of what this could mean. And nuts are a major food group here!


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