Tuesday is the new Monday!!

Happy later mothers day! (in the US- but seriously it should be everyday everywhere!) Happy day for those who act as Mothers (not including my 5 year old)! My Mother's Day was spent napping.... HA! Jokes aside, we drove two hours to see a baseball game that got rain delayed for two hours.....a slightly different plan then my get some groceries and grill artichokes...this one included standing smooshed with a zillion people watching it pour on the field, paranoid that someone's hot dog, cheese, ice cream, pizza, or pop corn would touch our severely allergic son, reconsidering whether that was more scary than our exhausted two year old ticking time bomb, debating for 2 hours whether we should just leave and lose our tickets if they did play. packing ourselves into the team store with everyone else to get warm. and a debacle when a guy ended up in the ladies room (he was pretty surprised when he exited the stall to a group of security, and may still not know where he is today..) then driving two hours home, running into the grocery store realizing most stuff was sold out... getting hoe late, making dinner.... but I did it all with my kids and husband! I wouldn't trade it!

We recently started swimming lessons on Monday nights, therefore, today is Monday in spirit.

In an effort to not spend money at the one vegan restaurant we go to (actually Saturday we tried the other one in town, pretty good! more hippie, less junk food), and because we've ordered take out so much since the baby was born (yeah yeah 8 months ago) that I get embarrassed to call, though it's helpful she knows our order before I say it, here's tonight's dinner... fancy I know....

bake potatoes, throw broccoli and non dairy cheese on top... consider chili, decide I'm too lazy to thaw it, figure salsa is pretty much chili, and the jar is already open... consider it would be nice if I had a can of black beans (the dry ones aren't going to soak and cook themselves), figure the kids can have ice cream if they are still hungry... the end... zzzzzzzzzzz


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