Amazing, Easy Grillable veggie burger!!

I did it!! I made a vegan/vegetarian (and just for anyone!) veggie burger that met two criteria!

1. It can be grilled and 2. My kids eat it! I was (well, lets be honest, still AM) far more excited than I should be about something so silly. I didn't want mushy, I didn't want crumbly. I swear I've made a zillion veggie burgers. I also didn't want soy or anything not real food. As my two year old would say, I weeened!

I love summer! I love cooking out! I don't always have tons and tons of produce to grill and have desperately wanted a quick recipe to be able to throw on the grill. I have tried tons of veggie burgers, none were grillable. I tried this.... magic

the recipe includes, black beans (I have done canned and dried and soaked/ cooked), some nut or seed (I have used sunflower, but may try walnuts next), whole oats (not quick cooking), onion, garlic, grated carrot, and homemade grill seasoning (or any seasoning!). Not too much, not too hard! It does require a food processor and a teech of patience. Lets just say this is best mixed in small batches..... I used three cans of beans (drained and rinsed), and about 1/2 cup of seeds/nuts, 1 grated (and juice squeezed out) carrot (or whatever you want to hide in there), grated onion, juice used, enough oats to make a dryish mixture a bit thicker than cookie dough. Edit: the reason for the nuts/ seeds is the texture. Not really looking for meat persay, but I didn't want such a mushy dense bean texture. I also threw in some mushrooms last time (don't tell my husband! seriously!)

process the nuts/seeds first, remove 1/3. add 1/3 of beans and oats, process to a thick dough. dump, continue. Dump everything into the bowl, mix everything together, form patties (I get about 8). You can grill (they take about 6 minutes on each side), fry, bake (I haven't baked, but i'm certain it would be good). You don't want these to be too thick or they don't' cook well, and will be mushy, but thick enough to stay together.

Add about 100 condiments (we have a problem!), a mac or pasta salad, and green veggie or salad, and our new favorite sliced grilled potatoes (why?? why?!?! didn't I know how delicious these were earlier?!) and some dirty sweaty kids and it's a cookout!!


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