P.S. Want granola bars? and more recipes?

I should add to the previous recipe that if you want granola bars, after you pat the granola flat in the cookie sheet (before baking) cut the granola so that when they are soft after baking you can take them out to harden in the fridge. Not that we have any left. Apparently my husband enjoyed the granola enough to eat the entire bag at work yesterday. I'd say his tastes have changed! It can happen!

As soon as I can... I am going to post a bunch of recipes (non dairy (milk and egg), some gluten free, veganish - we do eat organic cage free eggs, and delicious enough for meat eaters!) Seriously, my parents (read father) are soo picky. My dad would generally eat only steak and potatoes if he had the choice, the occasional three pounds of shrimp and crab legs if available. However, I have a stuffed shells recipe that actually ASKED for! For real! With Tofu ricotta. (sacrilegious for us Italians, but what can ya do?!) And the best spring rolls you've ever tasted. My entire family thinks so! I have been asked many times for this recipe, and tried so many spring rolls at every restaurant (we use to go to). Mine are  favorites! I don't like to brag, and everyone has their own taste. but you should try these!

But first, I've got to force the kids to get schoolwork done! or bribe them, whichever works...


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