Changes and New Focus!

Since I last wrote we have had some major changes to our lives! We are now vegetarian due to a beef allergy (along with the milk allergy that has skyrocketed in severity) and to my four year old (now 5) realizing where meat comes from and being very upset. Oh, and our third child is SOMETHING!!!!! The baby hasn't sat down in the 16 months we have had him. Needless to say, blogging is not number 1. However, it's time to start again. More changes that I'd like to share in hopes of helping others.

We are on a tight budget. Takes a lot of planning and trading because we also buy only organic. so...

Dairy free, meat free, organic, on a budget! Yikes! (and I have picky children?!) I've done easier things than plan our menus for the week and get my kids to eat!! To be fair, due to allergy restrictions, at the beginning my husband and I ate whatever we wanted and made special things for our oldest. Seems that came back to bite me. and chomps down every night! thankfully, he likes pretty routine stuff. As long as vegetables are froze, fruit isn't cooked, nothing is mixed.... (yeah, so he eats apples and pasta within certain guidelines, oh and potato chips and pickles)

However, I've learned to cook better! Be creative and want to pass that on to others! but, don't read if you don't want to know what you're eating!! I've learned that ignorance is bliss, though not usually healthy.


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