Spooky Halloween!! nad Pumpkin granola!!

Ahhh Halloween! In a past life this was my favorite holiday for a few reasons. 1. my mom's birthday (and plenty of witchy jokes to go with that!) 2. I always enjoyed seeing creativity in costumes (my mom made me a spider once, best costume ever!!). and 3. A free pass to eat as much candy as I wanted! (and whatever kind I wanted when I could buy it myself! Trick or Treaters may or may not have been able to taste my favorites which may or may not have been stashed in the freezer or cupboards). And now it's a spooky holiday due to the fact that my children love trick or treating and my son could easily win an ER trip from it!

We've changed a bit in order to not kill our son and keep it a more enjoyable holiday! Last year we carried a bucket and he held a bucket. We took whatever he couldn't touch and traded, if he didn't get something he could have. (I'm not even going to pretend I let the kids eat a ton of candy! it secretly disappeared and went to work with daddy!) Then we traded a few for books and stuff. It was a bit tough due to the fact that he cannot touch chocolate and he didn't EVER want to stop trick or treating (despite daddy's pneumonia and complaining) because he loved the social aspect. This year we are going to a "trunk or treat" that doesn't involve food at all!! yeah!! (although, admittedly very odd for me having grown up in such a food centric family!) and this year we have two bouts of trick or treating to contend with, including one in my hometown. fun, except I don't' trust the ER with a splinter! Prayer and prayer!! I'm hoping "Unck" (my brother) will make the candy disappear and leave a present! But, not holding my breath.

Soooo what will our eating entail the weekend we are gone?? Peanut butter and jelly and kashi hearts I'm guessing. I'm hoping my parents might make a thing of pasta for Saturday, (no meat no dairy) but not counting on that either. It's my mom's 60th. She'd die if she found out people actually knew how old she is (don't tell her, 60s too young to die!). and we have had enough tragedy on our street and family this month. Think we're good.

I'm going to share a granola recipe I made that was fabulous!!!

I melted Earth Balance in a wok (really long story but I need to buy a new saute pan) probably half a cup, added about a quarter cup of honey, dash of salt and cinnamon. Stirred in about 1/4 cup of pumpkin. I stirred in oats (maybe 3 cups- you can guess but make sure they all look wet!) and chopped almonds (half cup), chia seeds (a few tablespoons) and stirred and tried to dry it out. I put it all in a cookie sheet and baked it at 350 for about 20 minutes. it was delicious when it came out, but even better after being broken up and refrigerated!! it made it crispy. Yum!!! great way to sneak stuff in the kids too!


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