So much to be Thankful for!

Holiday's can be tough to navigate for those with allergies, or their parents. Unless I cook everything myself I never quite trust. Hence why I bring all Jake's food to restaurants at this point. Having asked enough questions to try to find him something, I've come to realize that it's nearly impossible to eat out under the conditions of being 1. allergic to anything 2. not really interested in meat and 3. watching what one eats (having learned that a lot of restaurants grill their chicken with butter!!). That being said, there are typically a few "safe" foods. One being turkey. Often a staple at many holiday gatherings. However, the same cannot be said about ham or other processed meats. These often contain fillers, many of which are soy or milk by products. Yummy! Any fresh veggies are also safe, obviously, unless they have toppings. Almost all baked goods contain an allergen. In the near future I will share my recipe for what my husbad considers the "best desseret ever". Which contains peanut butter, but is otherwise allergen free, and the peanut butter can be replaced. This is also a vegan dessert! Recipe to come.....


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