April Fools.... With a side of mess

I just figured out how to upload pictures, it's like a whole new world! Next step taking decent pictures!

 First, Happy Easter! Hope it was blessed! It was beautiful here and we had family in town. It was great having everyone together and the kids love having their cousins here!

Second, April Fools! My kids are obsesssssedddd with playing "tricks" on us. (thankfully particularly daddy). It takes a certain kind of ability to cope with special situations to find the humor in their "pranks" (i.e. completely taking apart the bed and putting stuffed animals under blankets all over the upstairs). Lets just say I have to prewarn daddy to come home with a good attitude and find the intended humor in a mess that looks like we either were robbed, or hit by a tornado. Thus, in an effort to sweeten that, this was our April Fools dessert creation to "trick daddy" after he waded through the hilarious upstairs mess. I made this gluten, dairy free and vegan. It is white cake (made in one bowl), "buttercream" frosting spaghetti, strawberry sauce sauce, and chocolate cake (the white better mixed with cocoa powder baked in cupcake tins and smooshed into balls) veggie balls. It was a huge hit and daddy played along so well! What tricks do you do? Back in my working days playing pranks was a regular part of office life. My best one ever was post-it noting my co workers entire office! I was so thrilled with myself. Thankfully the CEO (who by the way NEVER came to that building except of course that day and just as I finish my masterpiece, leaving nothing un post-ited) didn't fire me on the spot, and practically cracked a smile. I'm certain he just wished he thought of it first.... or... not.....

P.S. I'm considering a new project involving way more recipes, ideas, and meal planning! share this site with your friends and family! let me know if there's any meals, or anything you'd like to see!


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