Kids... And something delicious!

So, after 7 hours of doctors and driving, we have our first cast in the house! Not fun when it's 95 degrees (F) and humid! But it's bright red, so tons of fun! except of course that the color comes off the cast, but not off skin or clothes :)

soo. moving on! I made a smoothie and it was so good! I'd never expected it! It was a run of the mill almond milk, ice, vanilla protein powder  (I use vega protein and greens) and blueberries. I mixed it up, it was tasty... I threw in some basil (strange I know), It was Amazing!! So, try blueberries with basil!! 

I'm going to start really trying to blog more frequently on how to be vegan and practical. People ask all the time what we eat. I'll try to give some more ideas.


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