Olives and blueberries... and cakes

It's been a very trying two weeks. Our car broke enough that we were forced to buy a new car that we neither wanted, nor were financially ready for. Our sweet friendly dog got sick, and after seeming to get better declined and died. Our baby had a random allergic reaction to what is apparently not the vets (as presumed at first by the doctor, but disproved after spending a lot of time there), and our air conditioner broke. Not been a cheap or happy week here. But this conversation happened..

3year old (pointing to the olive oil container): are those bwueberries?

me: nope, those are olives, it's olive oil.

3yo: but wook, they are bwueberries

me: no sweetie, he's picking olives to squish into olive oil.

3yo: oh look he is picking bwueberries!

me: still olives

3yo: olives taste like bwueberries

me: sure honey. blueberries  ....

We did also celebrate two birthdays during this week of joy. :) My husband's and the baby turned one, which was when we were sitting at a doctors office waiting to see if she needed an ambulance! Even so, I made a cake for her with whole wheat flour, carrots and apples/apples sauce instead of oil. the sugar was maple syrup. And I loved it. Although, I am only going to admit here, that I should seriously have GRATED the carrots rather than shred. However, I also felt less guilty eating the cake because it was (a little too) obvious that we were getting some vegetable too! And that is what happens when one is in a rush and only wants to use one bowl. no do overs!


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