Update time!! and better mac and cheeze!!!

So, time to make some changes. We have recently had some big time stuff going on (including losing the air conditioner and furnace when it was 90F, and a surgery for a two year old) and we are forced now to stick to a tight budget. Not easy with five kids, a special diet, and life! But i am going to follow through with it here! and also, i updated my mac and cheese recipe! it's creamy, delicious, and full of veggies that you can't tell are in there!

The budget change must be instant. The good thing about this mac and cheeze is that it lasts a lot of meals. The rough price breakdown, as written is about $32 for the pot, but for 6 people it lasts AT LEAST 4 meals, so $8 a meal, which is about $1.25 per person per meal. WAY cheaper than the boxed stuff or take out!! Here it goes! Creamy, healthy delicious comfort food that your kids will eat (and you don't need to tell them about the vegetables!). Oh also, my dad ate it..... and that's really all i need to say about that.…

N.. Ice Cream....Summer preview!

We hit a record high yesterday for February! It was 75 degrees F. and Fantastic!!! Homeschooling is great on days we can play outside! (Well and almost every other day!) So i had a bazillion bananas get ripe because if i buy two they eat them before we get home, if i buy 20..... i throw them away. Anyhow, i got proactive and peeled and froze them before they got really gross. So i made nice cream. pretty run of the mill recipe. nothing exciting. added strawberries and "milk" to frozen bananas yesterday, then little chocolate chips (all dairy free of course!). And today this... i looked online for cake better flavored things and came up with this based on a few.

Cake Batter Nice Cream

5 frozen bananas vanilla (about a tablespoon) milk (just enough to blend thick. though a smoothie would be good too, add more!) melted dairy free butter (1/4 cup) coconut flour (about 1/4 cup) sprinkles (optional) a big spoonful of cashew butter (probably a big tablespoon) (or any butter, or non…

New Year New... life! Healthy Mac n Cheese!!!

I am attempting to be more committed to this blog this year. I have so many new ideas and we have been through so much. And I have invented the healthiest, best, allergy free mac n cheese ever.

 No, seriously, all four of my children and my husband, ate it. i practically threw a party. That is why it got its own line. ALL.FOUR.KIDS. For 5 meals (judge if you will! we have a newborn and three nights of dance a week! plus homeschooling)

So we had a new guy in November 11/11, after a very strange (for me) end of pregnancy. He's so sweet and the kids try to maul him (i just told the 2yo three times to stop honking his nose) . It also appears he doesn't like something i eat. cue biased food allergy parent fear.... In case anyone's interested, i apparently was the only person ever to be veganish (still eat pastured free range, local friends when we can, eggs. cant force my husband to give them up, he's given up his entire way of eating) and unable to eat dairy ever at the ho…

Get Your Kids to Eat What you Cook!!

Well, what a year...  baby number 5 surprising us (or will be in Oct/nov) , I have not made any headway into spending less on groceries. Or on this blog obviously! But we are recovering from losing a pet, and possibly one more being terminal, my father's cancer (he will be home soon for a bit before surgery. well not my home, 10 hours from here) and many other things.

I have however, found the key to getting the kids to eat more vegetables, and foods that I cook, in general. Here's the (probably familiar? ) background...

Dinner Time!! What are we having?! I want this! I don't want this! I don't like this! Can you make this?  Me: head spins and I lose it. I decided that I would never again make more than one dinner!!! FREEDOM!!!!! I prewarned the kids. I informed them that dinner is dinner and whatever I make is dinner and they would be expected to try it. If they choose not to eat it, they are able to get a banana, or other fruit, but not a whole other separate meal, and…

Merry Christmas and Other Holidays!! And vegetables!

My thankfulness on Thanksgiving was a little premature.. Upon further testing, my father does have a slightly serious form of cancer and is getting his first chemo as I type. It is surely time for scientists to start working on why cancer is occurring at the rates it is as well as the cures!! In doing so, I want to start focusing on a healthier plant based diet for my family. Time to invent new recipes with vegetables that my kids will eat!! This is a daunting task, that I sometimes feel tired about. hahaha... But it's what needs to happen! If I could give up most things in a package I would. But I'm not that daring yet! I first want to attempt to invent some type of vegetable based dip or cracker... something picky kid appealing. If I actually find something that 3 of 4 of my kids eat, I will consider it a huge win!!

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!! And Menu..

As I sit here and blog.... I am reminded of so many things I am thankful for! My family being first! My dad's tumor is benign! He has to have a major surgery because it needs to be removed and is very large, but still.... It brings to mind others who did not get that same news. My kids are wonderful, sweet and smart (except from about 4:40 to 6 which I lovingly call the not happy hour)
Also as I sit here, I am reminded of why I actually shouldn't be sitting here and that I have so may things to do and far less time than required to do them. hahahaha...

Here's our Menu for tomorrow... (in your head, pretend someone is whining about everything I type)

Lentil/Bean (and secret ground up mushroom- please don't tell my husband) Loaf
Mashed potatoes (and cauliflower- see above, change husband to kids)
gravy (that only my husband will eat)
Stuffing (adults only, I'm sure)
green bean casserole (vegan zed, freshized, and probably just for the adults, and also, my husband w…


As we move on towards Thanksgiving (a very vegan thanksgiving here!) (and also I didn't realize that American thanksgiving is next week..) there is plenty to be Thankful for. But it's been tough. The blog, and other such things in life, have taken a second place to life. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer (in the past few weeks). As we come to terms with this and what it means, they are 1000 miles away in hopes of receiving the best medical care. We are blessed they can do that. but it's hard to be so far away. And frankly eating has been the last thing on my mind. But thanksgiving is coming....  roasted Root veggies and Brussel sprout?  Mashed potatoes? (k, btw my kids hate these?!?!?) maybe a lentil/bean loaf... I really want a stuffing... we shall see... There is truly always much to be Thankful for. Sometimes we need to look for it.